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WELCOME TO Excellent Edu Consultancy

“The Excellent Edu consultancy’S (A wings of EDF) an Admissions Consulting Team, Provides Professional Courses Business School Application help to Indian and International Applicants aiming for the top MBA/PGDM Programs.” Our Services include MBA Application Strategies & MBA essay help for the best business schools as well as general career counselling. For folks who can’t afford our services, we have plenty of free resources on our website. Here’s why we openly share MBA & career advice on our site. Whether it’s paid or free, we hope you find your association with us and our website fruitful. We also help with the digital content marketing plans of universities and strategies to recruit international students. Here are some higher education marketing reviews.

Our vision

Our vision is to create an ecosystem and a portal that helps deserving candidates get kick-started and then complete their journey to enter the b-school of their choice. Our vision is to empower the Indian students, help them compare and make an informed choice for their career. Started as a first-time entrepreneurs, today we have a strong team committed in providing the best-in-class career solutions to Indian students. We owe our success to our comparison engine which is the result of intense research and periodic updating of data.

Education Can Build Your Career

This is our prime guiding light. If we feel that our services are not right for you, we be the first ones to tell you so though this means loss of revenue for us. This philosophy permeate in all our offerings. We believe in complete ethical honesty throughout the process a trait we firmly believe is essential for long term success for any individual. We believe the more you share, the better are the chances that you end up selecting the right B-school. Through our need assessment approach and our expert advice, we offer you the best suiting your academic profile.